Nanticoke River
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Welcome to Vienna, Maryland

—Gateway to the Nanticoke—

Vienna occupies a special place on the Nanticoke River in its relationship to the long, straight and narrow Vienna meander. The shape of the Vienna meander is caused by a sand bar which has always made the town dry land and high ground. Vienna is located in the center of the Nanticoke River Watershed, and is also the place where busy U.S. Route 50, the main street of Maryland's Eastern Shore, crosses the river.

The river was named for the powerful Nanticoke Indian Confederacy that dwelled along its shores, and navigated its waters from the Chesapeake Bay to the inland reaches of Delaware. The first recorded European contact came when Captain John Smith encountered the Nanticokes near present day Vienna on his historic voyage of exploration around the bay and up the Nanticoke in 1608.

Vienna is currently embarked on a long range waterfront development plan called Emperor's Landing, which when completed will showcase the town's rich Nanticoke River and Chesapeake Bay legacy. We invite you to visit and join our journey of discovery.
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Town of Vienna

P.O. Box 86
Vienna, MD 21869

Phone: 410.376.3442

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